Getting Down to Work!

Our April 19 tennis tournament was a great success.  We expect to present a check in the near future to the LSU Department of Neurosurgery and start finalizing our strategy to promote aneurysm awareness in the community.

Over 100 people participated in our tennis tournament on April 19 at the Pelican Athletic Club. It was a fabulous event and our organizing volunteers have some great ideas for next year.

It has been heartwarming to hear from so many of you, touched by aneurysm, either personally or on behalf of a loved one.

In the picture (right) is Janice Black, me, Jessica Black and our physician, Dr. Robert Dawson.  Jessica had three brain aneurysms when she was 11 years old.  She’s doing great today. An incredible young woman.

I took a few weeks off after the tennis tournament so my kids might recognize me again.  Watch this space. We have news coming!

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